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So who are we and what are we trying to do for you?


Hello and welcome,

Trading should be available to everyone, it’s my duty and your duty to look after our money and support our families.

So I set up trade the easy way because I think if you are going to trade, you must know:
1 – how the markets function
2 – how you can work WITH the markets to find trends that will pay you.

IF you prefer to pay for a system and wait for signals, then we are not for you; we are training you to take control and be a professional discretionary trader and not just find good entries, but to be able to manage your account, reduce risk and have exposure in the market which is measured and monitored.

We are an open company and welcome your questions and feedback. This is how we have developed our training and services to support our members in growing their funds.

Our ethos at Trade the Easyway is – Keep It Simple. Because if instructions aren’t simple enough, you will not remember them, and you will not be able to trade effectively.

We do not sell any additional ‘add ons’ like indicators or alert services; we want you to have all the skills, knowledge, and above all the confidence, to trade your account as a professional.

Trading is a practical skill, so our Trading Room is important and allows those who want to be full time traders to look over our shoulder and see how we prepare, execute and manage trades.

Get in touch and find out more and book a seat at our FREE weekly workshop.


Mike Hamilton