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WHO am I?
and am I worth listening to?

My trading career started on the non-marine trading floor of Lloyds. The idea of an open market where price was key got me hooked on trading.
At that point I started trading my own account using a basic value system in UK mid cap stocks and used the profits to put down a deposit on a decent family home in a private road in a green leafy suburb of London.

That was the start, I’ve been obsessed with trading ever since.

  • I sold 80% of my portfolio 2 hours before the September 87 US trade figures came out
  • I invested in property on the South Bank of London in the mid 90s
  • I traded oil in the run up to $150 a barrel
  • Traded Soybeans as the mid west drought came into effect in 07
  • Bought gold using a sterling ETF in 07/08+ as gold hit $1900 and sterling plummeted
  • Went on TV in 2012 suggesting GBPJPY could break up hard
  • When interviewed (FX World conference Dec 2015) about the EURUSD fall to parity, I said I was buying the Euro and I keep working to find these types of trades using chart patterns.

So I’m good, very good at trading. Predicting markets using totally reliable patterns and triggers is my edge.
And I love meeting traders and beginners and sharing that so you too can gain and profit from my knowledge and methods.


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