Foundation Programme

How to start your trading career with high probability trading

Anyone can learn to trade. Trading is a practical skill where you learn to ‘read’ charts, so financial experience is not needed. 

Trade part-time or full-time, but either way, if you want to be a profitable trader, you need to be a professional, and for that you need a Foundation Programme that will teach you not just to trade, but how to manage your account to trade at low risk. This is one key area where many traders have problems; trading with a low level of training and without the support of a good membership service like ours, means you are in danger of losing much more than the cost of your course. 

To sum up, our Foundation Programme is for people like you who want to succeed, trade with the same tools fund managers use, and be able to grow a small account into a bigger and then big account.

Great, but what are the steps to becoming a profitable trader?

Our Foundation Programme gives you the complete tool kit – from the knowledge to the rules – that will help you become the professional trader you want to be. You will learn about currency and stock trading, how to select a good broker and set up your charts, and have the confidence to trade with the least amount of risk. 

At the end of each module of the programme we will show you how to test your skills, so by the end of the programme you can tell when you are ready to trade.  

During the programme you will discover the best style of trading that suits your account size and the time you have available for trading. 


In our trading room, we discuss the markets and trade options to suit traders who want to bank profits in just one short session, as well as those traders who are looking for longer term trades with bigger profit potential. 

At the end of the programme, you have the option of using our services or we can suggest some self-help development work if you wanted to go it alone. But at TtEW we are here to answer your questions and keep you on the learning curve to make the most of all the opportunities the markets offer every day, every week.


Course content

  • How to get the most out of the Foundation Programme
  • How the markets work / Introduction to trading charts
  • Using a broker / types of orders
  • Chart platforms – the best free chart packages
  • Trend / trend reversal trading

Course content

  • Trading styles – day trading & investing
  • Trade analysis & strategies / simulated trading practice
  • Writing a trade plan / risk management
  • Self-help techniques to retain and expand this knowledge

Upcoming Course Dates

2nd / 3rd March 2019

PRICE £1450 / US$1955 / Euro 1690

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