Foundation Programme

Professional training for ambitious Investors and Traders.

Anyone can learn to trade. Trading is a practical skill where you learn to ‘read’ charts, so financial experience is not needed. 

This programme starts with the basics in technical trading and walks you through the tools you need to analyse the markets as well as mange your account in a professional way. As you will be trading your capital, the management tools are at the centre of the training and the mentorship part of the training process. With strict rules, clear guides and supervision as you start out, you will gain the confidence and experience to carry out your trading career with the same professional as a fund manager would use.

The programme does not hold back; we have worked hard to build into the programme all the elements of understanding the way the markets work, how to find the best broker and how to limit your risk at all times.

THE KEY to making this work for you will be:

            • Have the back-up support after the programme to help you use what you have learnt
            • To test your skills before you commit to trading your capital
          • To do follow up work to take you trading to a professional level

So what do you need to be able to start trading

1.  Knowledge – learn to read the charts

2.  Trade plan – entry / exit

3.  The risk: risk / reward (winners & losers)

4.  Tools: charts / best broker

Our new entry level Starter system

      1.  Technical trading modules (reading / planning / risk man.)
      1.  Trade plan – entry / exit – template + support
      1.  4 x live mentor sessions – 45 mins each over 4 x Wed eve session.
    1.          Broker and chart set up

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Main modules – taught in one day session, then modules to do in your own time – all in small groups of 10 – online.

  • Introduction to trading – finding the right type for your risk profile
  • Technical & fundamentals of trading
  • Technical – the 3 basics of technical trading
  • Tools do you need – charting set up
  • Best markets to trade
  • Best time to trade – cycles and time frames
  • Trend trading – how to measure and then get in a  trade
  • The 3 best chart patterns – Predict the next moves
  • Trend reversal trading
  • Strategies for trend trading and value investing
  • Opening and account – taking an entry, taking profits
  • Technical trading advanced level
  • Money management – how to trade with minimum risk
  • Brokerage accounts – best type and how to use them efficiently
  • Trade plan – develop a strategy to suit you, risk tracking
  • Module recall testing (exam to assess recall and understanding)
  • Trade profile feedback – suggesting strategies to fit your risk profile / skill level.

Support programme

  • Weekly modules and mentoring sessions ( 1 x hour each week) to help you use what you have learnt and keep pace with the markets. Run over 1 month this means you end up with a complete trade plan and you are fast tracked to professional level able to see and plan for each annual and economic cycle. Each session is run on a  Monday at 6pm (UK) online training – interactive, so plenty of opportunity to ask questions and take part in the training and weekly trade planning.

Upcoming Course Dates

27th – 28th January 2020 (evening / online sessions)

PRICE £197 / US$245 / Euro 270

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