10 Jan Free education

There is a cost to free videos and webinars; in trading terms it will be your account. You will lose far more than the cost of any of my training programmes if you trade without the knowledge from a professional trader.

WHY is this? I bought the Dow today at the lows when a lot of traders would be either shorting or just watching. Here is what I was saying to our members before and just after the Dow opened today.

To be profitable in today’s volatile market you need to know what the institutions look for. Candles, indicators and even many trade alert services (you will get alerts too late in most cases) are not much use to you.
We trade using a very well defined system that has 77% success rate.

You just need to do the following.

0 – Know the rules
0- How to follow and use the rules
0- Have the discipline to do this every time you trade
0- Accept losses and know what to do when you lose
0- Understand risk management – completely – this is where most traders fail.

We have a MEET up set in London for next Thursday. Watch out for the new schedule of introductory webinars and further MEET ups due to be announced around London and other parts of the UK in the next few days.

Modest profit today but I only traded for an hour.


Mike Hamilton
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