Mentorship Programme

Successful and wealthy people are experienced, focused and organised. This Mentorship Programme does that for traders; it will accelerate your learning and trading experience of different types of markets and cycles. This will set you up to trade like a professional fund manager with a skill set that ranges across advanced charting, trade planning and emotional mind mapping.

This bespoke Mentorship Programme follows pre-programme interviews and questionnaires. It covers all the main markets from forex, commodities and property but is dominated by the stock market (European / US). It includes the futures and options market.

There are two types of Mentorship Programmes:

BOOSTER Programme

The BOOSTER Programme is for those who have traded for a while, perhaps even several years, but find their profit levels are disappointing and need direction to develop a clear trade and account management strategy to get on track for profits. The BOOSTER Programme is suitable for those who want to day trade and build wealth.


If you have a large account and want to take control and protect your assets, then go on to accelerate your account size, then this WEALTH CREATION Programme will help you.

You will learn to trade across a spectrum of markets and instruments including futures and options, and learn strategy and tactics to help you stay in trending markets to extract as much growth as possible and prepare to handle different types of markets in different cycle stages.
This WEALTH CREATION Programme is best suited to traders who have accounts over £100,000.


BOOSTER Mentorship

  • Full membership services
  • Bespoke Programme for 3 months – based on your current skills and your financial goals
  • Trade planning for income
  • Training programmes in Scalping using high leverage but low risk
  • How to invest at very low risk
  • Intra week trading using hedging techniques to BOOST your returns while you wait for break out set ups
  • Support – <1 hour response for support Booster Mentorship
  • 3 months programme £2700


  • Training in stocks for trending and reversals inc fundamentals and technical skills
  • Traing in currencies and commodity markets for break outs
  • Hedging using options and futures and correlated markets
  • Setting up and managing portfolio asset spread
  • Trade planning and equity curve analysis
  • Advanced trading Psychology
  • Access to membership services
  • 6 months programme £7500

Mentorship Programme

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