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The first job I had took me to the trading floor in the old Lloyds Of London trading. I didn’t stay that long but the idea of free markets and open trading stuck with me since.

I started trading stocks on a  value system in my mid 20s and sold 80% of my share portfolio 2 hours before the September ’87 US trade figures came out. I didn’t have a vision of a crash, I just saw a very unrealistic prices.

Where is my career now?
My day trading system is second to none. Having traded the commodity boom in the run up the 2007 crash, I refined the system and applied it to US indices, the German Dax and other technical and volatile markets like oil, gas and gold.

I now use this system to hedge investments to exploit the profit potential. I’m learning options trading and looking forward to adding that for my investment portfolio.

My Best ever trades?

Buying .coms in the late 90’s and selling most of his stock in mid January 2000 – about 3 weeks before the sell-off. Prices in early 2000 were completely mad. Seemed a no-brainer to sell up.

Trading gold in the ’07-’09 charge to $1900 using a US$ fund. GBP was dropping hard so the returns were exaggerated – fantastic.

TV interview spelling out the potential for the bull market in GBPJPY in mid 2012

Trading brilliant sectors like healthcare in last few years on the long side.

Had a lot of as a BEAR RAIDER on the retail sector. After my success selling Macy’s in the US, I keep going back for more selling highs in this sector; it’s not about finding failing stocks, but exploiting those who are struggling to change.

Key strategies that under pins success?
Cycles! Annual cycles and the wave formation within a trend.
Reversals: fewer opportunities but much larger moves. Divergence is key here.
Momentum trading in the big technical indices like dow.

STOCKs strategy.

Trading sectors that are experiencing change:
Retail shift to online – bear raiding
Techs – exploiting retail change like SHOP
Healthcare – population is ageing so fast.

Technical edge?
Elliot wave – investing, day trading my Scalper School system (income and hedging).

Exploring eastern Europe and old Russian provinces.
Photography and watercolour painting

Partner is an artist, son teaches history in North East UK, daughter teaches English in Berlin and is building a career in photography.

Mike Hamilton - Trade the Easy Way founder