02 Jan Predictions and much more – favourite set ups and tools>>

I love day trading, 2019 was so good.
I do hold over night futures positions but only on select days.
I traded the Dow the most as it was a great technical market this year. Oil was brilliant but I had mixed results on Gas. I invest in stocks as well, Facebook is up 55% this year, sometimes its just a simple as buying a touch of the ??? indicator (I’ll show you what I use).

I will show you how I had the Dow set up for the year and why I’m hoping for a rough start (GREAT SELL) into the new year.

> the best bellweather markers to use
> market internals, what are they and how do you use them
> the only chart indicator you need
> how to plot the path of the year in the normal market cycle and what to do if the market doesn’t respect the norm.
> how events like the US election and brexit can boost your trade potential
> reversal SIGNALS – what is the most powerful pattern and how do you trade it. Higher risk but wow you get paid when it works.

Make sure you grab a coffee and a note pad and chuck your questions into the melt so we can expand on all these opportunities ahead of us.

Mike Hamilton
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