Scalper School

Scalp for 25 pips (min) each morning –  and walk away

Based on independent research based on
9 months data (8% no trades / 13% stopped out)

I’ve spent 12 years developing and refining this system – it’s brilliant.

Why? Because it uses basic tools in a unique combination that reads the market for that session.

How? Indicators lag. All you need to know is ‘where are the banks going to buy or sell’ – do your indicators tell you that?
Neither do the 1 or 2 minute charts so many people watch!

We aren’t scalping for 10 / 15 pips, we want a minimum of 25. We achieve that 77% of the time.

Scalper School traders join me before the markets open in a live online trading room; I’m plotting the key levels in a routine I use every day.
When the markets open I want to see the same price action to take a trade, otherwise I wait, patiently.

Who can trade this method? If you have the basic training then you can exploit this method. It’s so good I have had traders join us who have traded for a few years; for most it’s a ‘eureka’ moment when they see how the system works.

Want to find out more?
Join us next Wednesday (BOOK HERE _ NOW)
Get an insight into how you can exploit this. Or just ring us now on +44 (0)20 3290 0201.

We all trade against the banks and their algorithms now so you need to be trading like them, rules, no emotion, automated style of trading, not fumbling around trying to guess where the money will enter and exit the market.


What happens in Scalper School


4 hour training session

Simulated trading -find out 1st hand how the system works

Recorded for your personal use

Upgrades / retakes FREE

Four weeks in the trading room included

ALSO included:

Monday ‘Traders’ Round Table’ – education and prep for the week

Daily videos with targets for next day

Join us on Wednesday 7pm GMT – How to get started in day trading

Join our successful trading room and get all the support you need. Chat to us and find out out.

Trade less, Make more, early in the morning (works in Euro or US open sessions)


Aim of the Scalper School Trading room
We scalp for a minimum of 25 pips per trade and normally take 1 to 2 trades per session.


When is the room open?
7.50am to 10am (UK), then chat room posts for US session. Open to ScSch graduates only.


Who is the programme aimed at?
Intermediate to advanced traders who need help to be consistent, and want to spend less time at your screens.


What markets do you scalp?


Can you scalp any other markets?
Scalping stocks and commodities is an option but this needs different timing and different rules, ask for details.


What do I get on the ScSch programme?
A recording of your programme / the trading room live action / daily reviews and levels to watch for / weekly 1 hr Traders’ Round table.


Any discounts available?
We have priced the programme based on the hundreds of hours it took to develop the system and the commitment we give to the programme and the long list of services we offer you. We will not ramp the price up and offer you discounts; we know you our members are above that type of sales hype. We think it’s a realistic price for us to support the programme and support you.


Session one

  • Scalping – what exactly is it and it works
  • The 3 elements to measure the price for the high scalping probability
  • How to set your charts up for this style
  • The three best times to trade
  • The best markets to use for this

Session Two

  • Trading tier one / two data in addition to session trading
  • Check list / pre session prep
  • Simulated test trading
  • Programme structure –2 x 4 hour sessions during trading days
  • 12 x 2 hour live trading sessions

NEW Course Dates

Online 24th November

OR 15th December

9am to 1pm (GMT)

PRICE £575 / US$749 / Euro 670

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For more information:

contact: 020 3290 0201