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Membership for day traders

Membership for day traders

Live trading room & daily commentary and support
Day Traders Membership – For day traders who want to trade a system and identify high probability entries at the open of the Dax and the Dow Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week.
Membership restricted to Scalper School graduates.
  1. Live trading room 8am to 10am Tuesday to Thursday (UK time)
  2. EXTRA bonus: Live trading Fed / US jobs data
  3. Commentary / updates at 2pm UK time (9am ET)
  4. Trader talk rooms – trade ideas (in-line with system) posted in easy online room
  5. Monday ‘Traders’ Round Table’ – scanning global indicators for trends  to update our system before the live room opens.
    + reviewing last weeks performance
    + education review of system
    + Q&A
  6. NOTE: entry is only available after Scalper School qualification


The latest Stock, forex and commodity analysis

  1. Market daily update – online room
  2. Tuesday ‘Team talk’ – scanning global market indicators, stocks, indices and commodity markets
  3. Traders’ diary and trade idea follow up.