Trading profitably is easy,

if you follow the methods of the successful.

Learn to day trade from home for income and build a career for yourself by trading stocks, currencies and commodities – to take care of your future.
As well as being successful professional traders, we have developed a style of training so you can learn quickly and have a set of rules to keep your account on track for consistent growth.

We have professional trainers who have traded through 2 recessions, a commodity boom that saw oil and grains shoot to amazing levels, and the longest bull market known to man. Most of our competitors have nothing like that experience; many only know this 8 year boom.

Our goal is to show you how to find the best opportunities using the lowest level of risk using the simplest rules.
We have simplified this knowledge and experience into rules, so you can enter a market and manage the trades.
Rules are critical because trading your capital means your decisions will be effected by your emotions.

Upcoming Events

Come and Meet us – South London 3rd May 6pm after work.

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Scalper School

28th April OR 26th May 2018  (1 day programme)

Stock Master Programme

19th-20th May 2018  OR
16th-17th June 2018 – 2 day programme

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Why Our Customers Trust Us?

Your journey to profitable trading


Learn the basics
3 fundamentals of technical trading
The fundamentals to watch for
Risk management – strict rules
Opening an account~Setting up your PC / charts
Trade plan – why your journal is vital


Modular Online Training

Train at your pace – With support along the way
Foundation programme>>
The code of trading
Fractals > high probability trading
Strategies for day trading & investing
Scanning for the best markets and trades
Choosing the best instrument to trade
Forex – all the fundamentals and technicals
Writing a powerful trading plan – easy to stick to


Members – get the best support / hot tips

LIVE – trading room – 3 x days Euro sessions a week – live account – all trade entries revealed
Daily videos – educational and trade levels to watch
Sunday > Weekly review for the charts of the up coming week
Traders’ Round Table > Monday 7pm (2pm ET) Q&A session / scanning / prep
Monthly training hot spot – educational top up
Daily chat room


Day trading – Scalper School


The best trading live trading room
3 euro sessions per week
Data trading of major data releases
Chat room – 5 days a week
Alerts – direct to your pc OR Smart phone


Trading for WEALTH


Day trade for income BUT swing trade stocks for wealth
Professional grade training – become your own fund manager
Stock trading – with additional training for OPTIONS trading
Trade the strongest stocks in the best sectors
Profit from fats falling stocks – BEAR raiding in all markets
Full support given for 6 months with the option to extend


BOOSTER Mentorships

Combine our wealth of experience in day trading & investing
… across forex, commodities, stocks
The programme is intense with extensive contact with the mentors
Modular training
Assignments & assessments
A super charged Trading plan
Strict weekly routine
Fundamental trading strategy to super charge the technical trading patterns
Exploiting cycles
Anticipating major market shifts and game changing events

Training Programmes



Learn to trade stocks and Forex

Duration: 2 Days

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Earn your day’s income in the 1st hour of trading

Duration: Everyday
Read more



All you need to trade and build wealth in stocks

US / UK markets
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Day Trader Option – includes live trading room

Investor Option – analysis of stocks and currencies,

with a 1 hour webinar session for you every week
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Find out about our bespoke / private Booster and

Wealth Creation programmes
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